Patterned Brickwork Houses of Salem County

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Patterned brickwork is consists of a pattern of geometric designs, dates, and initials using darkened “vitrified” bricks against a background of ordinary red bricks. New Jersey (and especially South Jersey), which hosts approximately 95% of the examples, is the principal location of patterned brickwork in the United States. The tradition lasted for about 150 years, from circa 1680 to circa 1830.

Patterned brickwork was primarily a Quaker form of expression. Salem County was a center of this building technique and has more remaining samples than anywhere else in the State.

Here a few examples of the homes which display this unique building method! More information to follow soon!


john & leah house from 1725

John & Leah Denn House, Lower Alloways Creek

John Dickinson House from 1754

John Dickinson House, Alloway, NJ.

Historic David Davis House The David Davis House in Upper Pittsgrove Township is a patterned-brick house built in 1731 by David Davis, founder of the Pilesgrove Friends Meeting. The diamond diaper pattern on the gable end was revealed when the stucco was removed from the house in 1981.

Abel & Mary Nicholson House

Abel & Mary Nicholson House, Elsinboro, NJ

7 stars house

7 Stars, Pilesgrove, NJ