Places To See

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Salem County is a must see for history lovers. As the site of the first permanent English-speaking settlement on the Delaware River, Salem County has a fascinating past that remains a very present and visible part of the county today. From the riverfront to the eastern farmlands, museums brim with unique objects which tell the story of our Colonial and Revolutionary past. The rich maritime, agricultural, and cultural heritage is all here, waiting for you to discover. Learn the legends of the Salem Oak, the Salem Star, and many other local traditions. Click here to access the County’s on-line directory of cultural resources.

If you long for rest and relaxation, the solitude of Salem County has a way of making it a little easier for you to renew your spirit. Salem County is a place that is sure to awaken your senses and remind you that it’s just you and 338 square miles of rivers, lakes, wetlands, forests, and endless views. Take a nap on a hammock, canoe to that perfect spot for a picnic, spend some well deserved quiet time observing nature’s inhabitants, enjoy a scenic hike, or build a campfire and rest under the stars.

Many call water nature’s most precious natural gift. Salem County has been blessed with an abundance of water in many shapes and sizes. Water is what recreation and relaxation is all about. We camp near it, fish in it, float on it, and swim in it. With beautiful lakes, ponds, and rivers nestled throughout Salem County, you are bound to discover a remote brook or sail on a pristine lake all in the same day. In fact, the county is surrounded by rivers on each border; Oldmans Creek to the north, the Maurice River to the east, the Delaware River to the west, and Stow Creek to the south. But nature has made it a little easier for you by offering a bounty of choices in between.