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Have fun and be creative!

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Photo Scavenger Hunt Hints

  1. Take a fun photo behind bars at Fort Mott. Though these bars held munitions and not prisoners, the bars are always fun to pretend with!
  2. Your choice! Take a photo of a location where history takes the front stage!
  3. Take a picture of your child’s favorite park in Salem County!
  4. Take a photo at Cowtown!
  5. Where’s your family’s favorite spot to get ice cream? Let’s see it!
  6. The Salem Free Public Library, started in 1804, is New Jersey’s second oldest library! The building was deeded by John Tyler and can only ever be used as a library.
  7. Salem County is largely known for its farms! Take a picture of one you really like or go to!
  8. This beach is near Elsinboro Point.
  9. Salem County is home to many patterned brick homes. Salem County has the second largest concentration and variety of patterned brick houses, after Burlington County, in New Jersey and the nation.
  10. Located at Market Street &Broadway, the Salem Star is a marker for the site of Star Hall, demolished in 1898 for the building of City National Bank. Legend has it—if you step on the star, you will always come back to Salem. The star marker is in the brick sidewalk!
  11. Trains are back in Salem County! Take a photo of a freight train, or a passenger train, like Woodstown Central!
  12. Cows are my favorite— can you take a picture of a cute cow for me?
  13. Finns Point Rear Range was one of two lighthouses around Fort Mott. The front range lighthouse was razed in 1939.
  14. A sunset looks best in Salem County! Let’s see where in the county you think it’s the prettiest!
  15. FREESTYLE! Take a picture of your favorite place or thing to do in Salem County!

*By completing and turning in this photo scavenger hunt, you give Visit Salem County &Salem County Government to use and share these photos. If there are any photos you would like us to not share, please let us know by emailing .

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